The great funkĀ 

I’ve been in a major funk as of late. I’m trying to get out of it but it is easier said than done. I’m doing the same things I’ve done before and that used to help. Now not even my go to stress relief will ease some of the funk hanging around like fog.  Normally, […]

book review

I just finished reading “The Human” by Stephanie Erickson. This is book 3 of Children of Wisdom series. I found this whole series impossible to put down. I was intrigued from the start with all of the characters and twists and turns. The concept of the plot is captivating and makes you wonder and think […]


I’m frustrated beyond words right now.. I’ve been waiting forever for this patch to come out , only to realize that the stupid power flashed during the night , killing my downloading of the said patch. Talk about frustrating. Anyways , with that being said… how many of you have actually started running the new […]