Feelings, and such

Let’s talk about feelings for a bit…

It’s so true, that you can’t always help who you develop feelings for.  Sometimes, those feelings come out of no where, and often times they shock even us.  Once feelings start to develop, the ‘deal breakers’ end up becoming blurry.  That line of what we feel we deserve and want, becomes blended with what we feel in that moment and we begin to think — well, I can be okay with this or that, because I have feelings for them.

Once these feelings develop, and you start letting that guard down and change your “standards” (for lack of a better word), it can be a dangerous and tricky slope, and often ends in heartbreak.

Since when did this all become okay?  Why should be change our standards, or wants and needed, just to fill a space?  We have to learn to be okay… alone.  We have to learn to have the best relationship with ourselves — relationships with others will fall into place when they are supposed to.

So, I’m learning… and trying… and stumbling forward.  To try to discover exactly “who” I am, and “what” I want.

Or something like that.  I shouldn’t be left alone for reflection for too long. LOL It’s definitely time to go to the gym tomorrow!



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