I’m frustrated beyond words right now.. I’ve been waiting forever for this patch to come out , only to realize that the stupid power flashed during the night , killing my downloading of the said patch. Talk about frustrating. Anyways , with that being said… how many of you have actually started running the new incursion, running in the dz and playing the new S&D missions??? What’s the opinion of it as of now?? So far, with me being an outsider looking it, it’s just made me realize that men actually have periods. Yes, I realize that Aunt Flow will not actually visit a man, but wow, get a bunch of guys together and your bitch cycles sync. I feel like I should show up with chocolate =P  Never fear, I will soon be getting killed and bitching right along with you. I’m jealous now. I’m gonna go cry and find a way to curse mother nature for making it possible for me to hear all the man periods going off on the game.  CC



One thought on “DIVISION

  1. Oh my dear CC. Of course men do indeed have periods.. Periods of absolutely annoyance and frustration! The biggest thing is most of them are in denial that it even happens. Perhaps we should leave trials of Dove chocolates along the peremitters

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